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Fuengirola is a cosmopolitan and lively town located in the centre of the Costa del Sol strip which is what has attracted tourists to it for many years.

The town offers a diverse choice of activities and attractions like a modern zoo: “Fuengirola Zoo” which is the largest in the district, aquatic theme parks which offer an entire day of fun for the entire family.

It is also home to one of the longest maritime promenades in Spain for strolls by the beach, a large shopping centre and various shopping streets with all of the best and most popular shops and a History museum: “El Museo de la Historia” where artefacts from over 260 years of history can be seen and appreciated. For those looking for a more glamorous holiday, there is also a yacht club.

Its most famous monument is the Castle of Sohail. It is an Arabic fortress built during the time of Abderraman III. It contains hundreds of archeological remains of Roman origin and is the location of a famous music and dance festival that takes place during July and August at the Castle.

Apart from the festival at the Castle, Fuengirola celebrates the day of “La Virgen del Carmen” on the 16th July where there is a vivid and bright maritime procession. On the night of San Juan, there are hundreds of beach parties and celebrations and in April, “La Feria Internacional de los Pueblos” takes place. It is a gastronomic and folk trade fair that unites traders from over 50 different countries and 4 different continents.

If staying in Fuengirola, it is recommended to visit its neighbouring towns: Mijas and Benalmadena. The best way to reach these is by car.